Arkansas ASCD, a diverse group of educators, is dedicated to learning, teaching, and leadership that ensures success for all learners. We work towards educating the whole child: making sure that all children are healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged, and we welcome educators in all roles to join the effort. You can join Arkansas ASCD here: AASCD Membership Application

Members have access to the vast ASCD community, both at the state affiliate level and the international level. This includes a range of resources for all educators and professional learning opportunities to support members in their efforts of learning, teaching, and leading for the whole child. Arkansas ASCD supports educators around the state by maintaining personal connections, establishing networks of support, and facilitating conversations on state-wide education priorities. Advocacy is a key element of our organization because we believe that educators at all levels should have a voice on issues that impact our students, so our members are actively engaged with local, state, and federal officials to advocate for the whole child. 

Our Vision The vision of Arkansas ASCD is to develop and support best practices to ensure every Arkansas student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, academically challenged to the essential elements of a comprehensive and sustainable education, which meets the needs of the whole child.

Our Mission Arkansas ASCD, a diverse group of educators, is dedicated to the development and support of leadership and best practices in curriculum, instruction, assessment and supervision that ensures success for all learners.

Contact Information

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