Dr. Mary B. Gunter AASCD Executive DirectorWelcome to the Arkansas ASCD web site! Arkansas ASCD is an organization that has a diverse membership of educators representing, teachers, school leaders, state agency leaders, higher education leaders and leaders from the community. This diverse membership assists Arkansas ASCD in identifying areas of common interest to strengthen the collective work of all in meeting the needs of Arkansas students.

As a member of Arkansas ASCD you will receive newsletters and have electronic access to research. An annual conference is held each year in June designed to bring state leaders in curriculum, instruction and assessment together to discuss educational issues. You membership will qualify you for a special member conference fee.

Arkansas ASCD is governed by an elected Board of Directors representing the best in Arkansas educational leadership. The Arkansas ASCD Board of Directors is committed to educating the “Whole Child”. In addition, the Arkansas ASCD Board of Directors is actively involved in influence activities at the state level.

The Arkansas ASCD Shareholder Statewide Conversation and regional meetings are hosted by the Board of Directors focusing on current issues. These meetings are designed to hear the voice of the membership in formulating an influence agenda in working with members of the Arkansas General Assembly.

We welcome you to membership in Arkansas ASCD. Join us as we work collaboratively for the benefit of Arkansas students.


Arkansas ASCD  - Influence and Advocacy Award 2014 - Affiliate Excellence Award 2011